7 Best Steps To Naming Your Baby Girl

Since you’re here I want to say congrats on your new (or soon to be) baby girl. Whether you’re nervous, excited, or anxious CONGRATS! Hearing the doctor say the 3 most magical words ever (It’s A Girl!) can be both exciting and scary. You instantly start to think way ahead into the future. Next thing you know, you’re planning the baby shower, buying loads of bows and pretty little outfits to match. You’re even day dreaming about play dates and “mommy and me” days. This all sounds super fun and exciting. However, before we get to that, first up is figuring out how you’re going to choose the perfect name for your baby girl. Sound super simple right?

Annnnt, WRONNGG! In fact, choosing a baby name is one of the most stressful tasks to check off the big list of things to-do. However, I am here to help you with these 5 Best Steps To Naming Your Baby Girl.

How to Choose The Perfect Baby Girl Name

Tip: It is best to follow these tips in order. Because trust me, you don’t want to find the. Perfect. Baby girl name and then boom… you didn’t start with tip #1 first.

  1. Both Parents Should Agree.

Before your even start thinking about how to name your baby girl, be sure both you and dad (and whomever else you allow) are on-board. What I mean by this is have a little sit down and decide who will name your daughter. Will this be a 50/50 ordeal or does dad get this task all to himself? Some families even let one grandma pick the first name, and the other grandma chooses the middle name. Whatever the case may be, everyone should agree or there will be a can of worms opened.

2. Choose the Route.

Once everyone who’s going to help name your baby girl are on-board it is time to choose the route that will be taken. Are you going to take the traditional route and follow the family tradition of naming you daughter after your grandmother? Or are you seeking a more modern approach?

Lately, I’ve been noticing the road less traveled has become very popular. Which is giving baby girls unusual names. Also, will your daughter have a middle name? Or more than one? As common as it is to have one middle name, some parents choose to have two or some just skip the middle name as a whole. So, be sure to choose the “theme” of your baby girls name. Below are a few “name themes” as I call them that will get you going.

  • Traditional Baby Girl Names
  • Vintage Baby Girl Names
  • Modern 2018 Baby Girl Names
  • Uncommon Baby Girl Names
  • Flower Names for Girls
  • Seasonal Baby Girl Names

Check out our complete list of baby girl “name themes” for more inspiration.

3. Start the search.

Once both parents (and anyone else you allow) are on-board and you all have chosen the route to picking your baby girl name, it’s time to start the search. But wait a second! Before you go “search crazy” on google here are a few helpful tips for you to search for inspiration *without* becoming stressed. Download the free Baby Girl Name Planner because you’ll need it.

Helpful Tips
  • With your name theme in mind, search only for those names. It will be tempting to click on other posts that pop up, BUT remember, we want this process to be smooth and stress-free. So stay focused. You Got This!
  • Read only one or two posts at a time that are focused around your name theme. While reading those posts, use our Baby Girl Name Planner to note the names that stand out to you. (Repeat this step until you get 10 names)

Tip: It’s best to only jot down the names that really stand out.

Tip #2: Don’t choose posts with tons and tons of names. You’ll just get overwhelmed. (Ex: DON’T: 100+ Vintage Baby Girl Names. DO: 12 Vintage Baby Girl Names)

  • Once you’ve noted the names that stand out to you in your Baby Girl Name Planner, it’s time to start eliminating. Start with crossing out 5 names that “ok-ish” but not “all that”. (This may take some time. A week or two. But it has to be done)
  • Now that you have completely gotten rid of the 5 names, it’s time to scratch off 2 more. Yep. Sorry. It has to be done. To simplify this process you should only have 3 names to choose from. I knew you would go “baby name crazy” and jot down way too many. That’s why I let you choose 10 and decide which ones would not make the cut. Mmmhhhh. See what I did there?

Ok. So now that you have your top 3 names for your theme, it’s time to search for the middle name. Oh gosh not this again! You’re right, not this again. A little tip I’ve learned for choosing your baby girls middle name is to follow these simple rules.

If the first name is long (3 or more syllables) choose a middle name that is short (2 or less syllables) because you want the name to flow.

  • Ex: E-liz-a-beth (4 syllables long) Ann (1 syllable long)= Elizabeth Ann Parker


  • E-liz-a-beth (4 syllables) Al-e-jan-dri-a (5 syllables long)= Elizabeth Alejandria Parker
Both names sound good. But the first name flows better.

If your have a common name for your theme, a simple google search of (Middle names that pair well with _______) could be of great help.

Always remember to test out the names with baby’s last name in mind.

4. Analyze and Simplify.

Once you have done the search for your baby girls first and middle name, it’s time to analyze and simplify. Pair each of the 3 first names with the 2 middle name you’ve chosen. It may take some time for you to finalize which first and middle name combinations to scratch out. This can be done over the next few days. When you come to your decision you should be left with 3 first and middle baby girl name combinations for your name theme. Now you’re at the final step. Pair those 3 baby girl name combos with your last name and choose which one you absolutely have to have.

5. Ta-daaaah! You have yourself the perfect baby girl name.


Choosing an name for your daughter can be overwhelming and sometimes you don’t know where to start. I am here to take some of the load off. By following these 4 steps, you will end with the perfect baby girl name.

Note: Of course everyone may not choose their baby girl names this way. However, deciding how to pick their baby girl’s name can be super hard and stressful. This post is to make things easier and more organized.

P.s I hope you enjoyed these 7 Best Steps To Naming Your Baby Girls. and I really hope you find it helpful and inspirational.

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