Diaper Bag Essentials For Every Age

A properly packed diaper bag can save the day for anyone who is caring for a baby. Of course there are the common things like wipes and diapers. However depending on your child’s age, where you’re going, your child’s needs and how long you will be out you will need to pack a few different items. Check out these helpful links below to direct you to a list of Diaper Bag Essentials for Every Age.

What to carry in a diaper bag?

In a nutshell, the essentials that you need to carry in your diaper bag are wipes, diapers or pullups (for older babies). To help fight off the germs a travel sized hand sanitizer along with a changing pad. For food, pack milk (with ice pack for pre-pumped breastmilk), bottles (1 for milk, 1 for juice and/or water unless you use a sippy cup for that). For blowouts and spit ups pack an extra outfit, an extra bib and a burp cloth. Toys and comfort items like a pacifier or lovey are essentials for soothing baby. Lastly, your updated emergency contact information.

Now let’s read in detail why each of these things are important plus some other carry ons that are handy.

Diaper Bag Essentials Explained

Diapers or Pull Ups

  • Pack one diaper for each hour that you will be gone. Then add 2 extra diapers to that number. So if you’re planning on being out for 3 hours, then you should pack 3 diapers plus 2 extra. 5 diapers on all.


  • I like to keep a small pack of wipes versus the actual whole pack. The small pack takes up less space and it helps keep the diaper bag way lighter than having the big pack of wipes stuffed in there.

Travel Sized Sanitizer (and lotion)

  • I am an advocate for soap and water but sometimes you can’t get to any. So hand sanitizer will do. If you have access to soap and water, your hands will be dry so use some lotion to moisturize them.

Changing Pad

  • Carry a changing pad just in case there is no changing table or the changing table is broken. You can use the changing pad to change your baby on the sink without having to lay them directly on the surface.


For breast fed babies, all you need is yourself. If you’re not 100% comfy feeding in public, then pack pre-pumped milk with ice packs. You may not need an ice pack depending on how long you will be gone.

There are two ways to pack milk for formula fed babies. The first (and easiest) way is to pre-fill your baby bottles with water and pre scoop the formula to avoid the mess. Only thing I would suggest is to be sure you have enough bottles for the time you will be away from home. The perfect bottles for this would be:

The second way to pack formula is to bring the whole can of milk, a bottle and a few bottles of water for mixing.

Sippy Cup

A sippy cup is necessary for older babies and toddlers who drink milk, water and juice.

An extra outfit, bib and burp cloth

I ahve yet to see anyone mention bibs and burp clothes. These are way important than people think. No baby wants to sit in a wet shirt from spit up. Bibs and burp cloths can prevent this.

If you have a blowout then an extra outfit will be needed.

Toys and Comfort Items

A rattle or small colorful toy that will keep your baby occupied is ideal. I would suggest packing two different types of toys for your diaper bag. One of which should make noise, light up and all that. The other should be a toy that can be played with while not making noise. Just in case you are in a quiet place like the library.

Comfort items such as pacifiers and loveys should always be packed. Matter of fact, an extra paci should always remain in the diaper bag. You don’t want to get somewhere and not have a paci. Unless your baby doesn’t use them. Then you’re good.

Lastly, Emergency contact info

Forbid something were to happen. An emergency contact list would be helpful for first responders or people around you at the moment.

Now that we’ve covered the essentials that every diaper bag should have, let’s talk about some add ons that could be helpful to have.

Diaper Bag Add-Ons

Nail kit

  • This kit usually includes a thermometer, baby nail clippers, suction bulb and sometimes a baby brush and comb. Nail kits are very inexpensive and handy to have.

Rash cream

  • Travel size is preferred to save space in your diaper bag.

First Aid Supplies

  • Having bandages and antiseptic wipes are a plus.

Features Of A Good Diaper Bag

There are tons of options to choose from when purchasing a diaper bag. Be sure your money is spent on a bag that has all the features you need. Below are some thing to look for when trying to find the right diaper bag.

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